Supporting ‘Get Well Soon’ Card


Is there any way you see me supporting you?

Allow the person in need to ask for what they need

Instead of trying to figure it out for them 🙂

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“Is there any way you see me supporting you?”

Hear a friend sharing their struggles?
Want to help, but not sure how to approach?

Ask them if they have an idea of how you can support them.

This is a great way to offer support in the best way possible: the way the person looking for support wants to be supported!!
Maybe their answer is, ‘yes, could you give me a lift to the store’, or ‘could you just sit with me while I make the phone call’, or ‘thank you for offering, I got this!’


How to use it

Send as a Get Well Card
Include ideas of how you might support someone in need:
‘I could cook you a meal, give you a massage, or send positive vibes :)’



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