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Appalachian Tree

Vinny Vignette Bonanno

As a motivator, organizer, costumer, choreographer and teacher I am on a mission to empower all to listen and honor our personal voice. I study and practice Yoga to deepen the understanding of my beautiful body and mind. Taking responsibly for my joy!

I founded the Stretching in Public Movement in 2016. Hosting spontaneous events in NYC encouraging and engaging passers by to join me for a stretch. Evolving into weekly meet ups. September 2019, I set out on a cross US tour spreading the message of personal respect for radical acts of self-care. Wherever. Whenever.

Teaching Yoga allows me to impart and intuit what techniques I have found support me and fit for the students in front of me.

A passion of mine is producing theatrical events from my annual outiversary celebration, weddings, dinner theatre, to haunted houses. I shine in order to get everyone shining! Together we shine brighter making this time on earth happy, peaceful and joyous!

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