I’ll take the lead! ‘Invitation’ Card


I would love to lead us in ____

What do you want to do & who do you want to join you?

Invited them while taking the seat of leader!

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“I would love to lead us in ______”

Fill in the blank!

Who is leading, sometime it can be a joint expedition & sometimes it’s nice to create a container for leader!

Stating “I would like to lead us in… a dance, a hike, an adventure” creates an ease in the other person that you will be taking the lead and they can relax in the decision making department.
What a gift!

Yes this is another card about asking someone else to take the lead 😉

How to use it

Think of something you would like to enjoy with a friend and want to lead them in. send them this card and request their company!

Great as an invitation card!


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