Appreciation ‘Birthday’ Card


Ask a friend what they appreciate about you.

Make it a weekly practice.

Use the card to spark the conversation!


“What did you see in me this week that you appreciate?”

This card features an array of orchids, different shapes, sizes and colors.
A nod to the many ways we can show our appreciation for others.

Asking someone to share what they appreciate about you may feel vulnerable or risky…
imagine if someone were to ask you what you appreciate about them…
When we ask someone else for their opinion or perspective we are saying:
I want to know how you see it and I respect your view.

How to use it

Hand this card to a partner, lover, family member or friend
Open the dialogue about what you each appreciate in the other!

Great card for the refrigerator, use it as a check in on a specific day each week, try Sundays.

Send it as a postcard and include what you appreciate in the person you are sending it to, maybe as a love note or a Birthday Card


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