Comfort or Solutions


Ask a friend if they want your help.

More specifically, how they want your help.

Use this card to get clear!

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“Are you looking for comfort or solutions?”

This card features two energetic beings conversing over a purple latte.
One ask for clarity on what the other is looking for.

Sometimes we share in a venting rant / airing out of our experiences
(bless the friend who holds space for this)
Sometimes we share to elicit guidance from an experienced friend who might have good advice.

Setting our intention / discerning which we are doing is great for our psyche and the psyche of our sounding board friend 🙂

How to use it

Unsure of how to respond to a friends rant or dump of a problem in their life.
If you want to help them, best to know how they want to be helped!
Simply ask: “Are you looking comfort or solutions?”

Comfort: maybe its a hug, a cuddle, a cup of tea or simply listening.

Solutions: maybe its offering your time, a lift, a piece of advice, or holding them accountable to a next step to make change in their life.


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