The Stories We Tell Ourselves Card


When a story in your head has a chance of being misinterpreted (lots of them)

Ask for clarity!

It may be tough, while also clearing the air for authentic communication 🙂

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“I am telling myself a story that _____. Is this true?”

This card features an array of shapes and colors. Different pieces connecting, forming new shapes!
A nod to the many ways we can form and contort stories in our minds.

Sharing a story we are hearing and asking if we got it right
allows the other person to confirm or clarify something that may have been misunderstood.

How to use it

When a story in your head is bringing you confusion, anger or sadness ask for clarity!
Share. Be vulnerable. Here is where my mind has taken me.
Did I get that right?

Then Listen as the other person clarifies.
And try repeating their version back to them, finishing with “did I get that right?”

A great card for deescalating misunderstandings!


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