Motivational Yoga Game ~ Stretch Dice


The Game of Healthy Habits



These Dice are an Oracle for Stretching Guidance ~ Motivating Your Yoga Stretch Game!
Roll the dice and receive 🎲 a shape & 🎲 a breath count

Remove the hurdle of deciding which stretch to do!
✶ A great way to inspire an embodiment practice ✶
Stretching lengthens the life of our present moment!


Take 10 Breaths while Bending to the Side & lengthening your torso!


Take 10 Breaths while Twisting
Revolve. Reveal. Digest.



Take 5 Breaths in an Inversion Hips over Heart


Take 5 Breaths in a Forward Fold
Take 5 Breaths in a Forward Fold Dialogue with Yourself!


Take 3 Breaths in a Backbend
Take 3 Breaths in a Backbend Open up to your potential!


✶ How to play ✶

Option: Intuit your own way of playing or follow these instructions

  1. Hold both dice in your hands and take a deep breath
  2. Ask something like: What stretch would serve me best right now?
    What stretch will help me find guidance about (something that has been heavy one my mind lately)?
  3. Roll the Dice! & receive direction*Take the # of breathes on the white die while in the shape or pose on the blue die

    Enjoy the motivational yoga stretch game!

fun when done this way:

Inhale ~ explore the deltas of the fascia

Exhale ~ expand into the stretch


In the morning
When completing a task
When experiencing mental spin out

Whenever you are called to experience you 😃


I created this game to motivate me to stretch more often.
Now I provide it to those who think it will motivate them to stretch more often!

I keep mine on my altar

My Father keeps his next to his coffee machine


“An oracle for stretching”

“Stretch Dice inspire me to start an embodiment practice”

“This game gets me moving!”

This motivational yoga stretch game was created by me, Vinny Vignette Bonanno. I can be found on instagram @stretchinginpublic


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